06/29/18Vic Vanzo

Hi Matt,
This is Vic, the sound man from the Heights at Brother Vic’s. I have always loved your stuff. Question I’ve been playing mostly jazz guitar and funk stuff since I started playing again about 7 years ago after a 25 year layoff. I have a bunch of songs I posted on my Facebook page and a YouTube channel under Vic Vanzo Jazz. I’m looking to broaden my musical spectrum and what I hear you do seems to be in my tonal wheelhouse. If you get a chance email me or call me 914-426-8551. I would love to get some lessons. I’m a fair reader (5th & 7th positions) & chord charts are usually not a problem. Loved our conversation last time about Carmine D’Amico.

06/23/18Devin Devine

Hi! This is Devin Devine, son of Don Devine. Recently, I've been thinking about heading towards a music major, since I LOVE (mostly) anything to do with music. I've been playing guitar for 6 years now and absolutely love it.

If you don't mind, I'd like to pick your brain and gather some information to help me make my decision...

I don't want to major in performance since I feel like other music major options can easily translate over to performance if I want to go down that road in the future. I was considering music education.

With you being in the music field, are there any suggestions or any kind of advice you could send my way?

Devin D

05/30/18Michael Graff

Hey Matthew! I was the winner at auction of a guitar lesson from you (for Kingston Boys and Girls club). Would love to connect, ... and if you do not declare me hopeless maybe schedule more! e-mail or call my cel 845-594-1905 Mike Graff

05/26/18Helena Clare Pittman

Matt, I love your album, and thank you for graciously giving it to me. It is gentle and fulsome of heart. Beautiful music, and I really do love listening to it as I paint. I want to say, Bravo! I gave Galen a book for you, signed, of course. Helena Pittman, Galen Pittman's mother

02/14/18John Detrick


For some reason your e-mail address is bouncing.

The track that we have selected is I Thought You Had Gone.

The information that we will print is as follows:

Track: I Thought You Had Gone
Performers: Matthew Finck with Jonathan Ball, Randy Brecker, Jay Anderson, Adam Nussbaum
Composer: Matthew Finck

Please let me know if this information is correct. I was not sure that Randy Brecker performed on this specific track.

If you have a high-quality track I would be happy to use what you provide. If not, I will just purchase one.

Thank you for being a part of the Artisan Guitar Show and the now annual CD project.


12/02/17Alison krause

Do you have any information on pricing regarding private lessons?

10/11/17Jerry Marks

Hi Matthew, this is Jerry from Lukasiewicz design. Shoot me an email sometime, like to hear how your doing. I'm still in NYC doing the same shit.
Cell. 914-523-1887

08/31/17Christos RaFalides

Hey Matt, this is Christos, the vibes player. Please contact me asap. Thank you. Here is my email: christosraf@mac.com

06/27/17Joel Stewart

Ahoy. Are you able/willing to play guitar for $100 (I have notes and chords and recordings to facilitate getting the sound) on

Fri 07/21, 8pm, Savoy Taproom (301 Lark Street in Albany, NY 12210).

Or do you have any students who "actually want to play" who you would feel comfortable pointing to a playing opportunity?

04/14/17Lou Pappas

Hi Matt,

Hope you're doing well!

Some friends of mine at the West Point band have a Brazilian group, and are looking for a guitarist. I know you're a player of many styles, and am wondering if you'd be interested? I think they're looking for someone who plays nylon string classical (Gene Bertoncini), and can read, as they have a lot of arrangements. I thought I'd check with you before I gave them you're contact info. I also just signed up on your website, and will copy this on there.


Best regards,


04/13/17jacob meglio

Hi matt
I was hoping to get some guitar lessons for a friend in Accord. Please let me know if this is somthing you offer. My name is Jake Meglio, I am the brewer at arrowood farms right next door, and i know you from my PDS days. my phone is 845 674 7608

04/10/16John Pritchard

Hey Matt!

I'm in your Jazz Ensemble group that meets at 4pm on Tuesdays at Saint Rose. You wanted me to email you so you could send me a link to a pentatonic scales sheet for soloing.

John Pritchard

12/15/15Dave Kashman @ Last Chance Tavern

Hi Matt, I may have an open date for this winter. Feb 19 or Feb 26. I have a couple of other feelers out there but awaiting to hear. Looking for a solo or duo gig,



06/27/15Jim Venuto

Hello Matthew

Would like to connect to arrange listens.

845-471-6813 or venuto@verizon.net


06/09/15Todd Coolman

Hi Matt - I have a quick question. Please call me: 973.970.4444

05/13/15Dyan Machan

Hey Matthew,

I hope you're well. I just left you a vm. I'm the friend of Verna and Roswell's who had your group play two years out at our Saugerties pig roast. You were so great.

I'm hoping you can help us with music for a July 4 party.

Cheers, Dyan

04/29/15Barbara Dempsey

Hi Matt,
I was wondering if I could get together with you for some guitar lessons... I\'m wanting to get more into the jazz and accompanying my self.
Thanks and hope to hear from you


04/26/15Julie bowman


I would like to learn to play Kenny Loggins, Watching the River Run, next lesson. Just watched him play, and it looks like I could do it!

See you Friday!

04/15/15Julie Bowman


Hi! This is Chris Bowman's wife...would like to talk to you about taking lessons on a regular basis. I picked up the guitar 6 months ago, and love it. 917-744-7271.

02/04/15Mark moriarty

Hi Matt,
does the name Meyer Kupferman mean anything to you? He wrote a saxophone concerto with your father premiered. He was also a very prolific painter. Linda and I were in his house today and there's a painting that he did which I think might be of your father.

01/13/15Nicholas Pappalardo

I believe you wanted me in class, to contact you through this site regarding the dropbox account.

01/05/15Alexis Cole

Hi Matthew, I wanted to get your contact info. I was looking for a guitarist upstate a little and got someone else for this gig I have coming up, but your name was recommended and I wanted to keep you in my address book. I live in Peekskilll, and do a fair amount of gigs up North from me. Thanks!

01/02/15David Behan

HI Matt,
I saw your name of the Alto Music web site. I was looking to get my 11 year old son guitar lessons. He has never played before. I wanted to know your availability and price. We live in Hopewell Junction.
David Behan

12/28/14Melissa M.

I can't find where you are located. I see that you have played in Catskilll and I'm having a wedding there this coming summer. I would be interested in finding out more about you and your music.


10/29/14Daulton Mysliwiec

You told me to email you about the Dropbox for chamber jazz

10/13/14Gabriel LaVine

Hi Mr. Finck,
I am thinking about auditioning for the music program at Saint Rose. I'm wondering if it would be possible to set up a couple Jazz Guitar lessons with you, either privately or through the College. When it comes to my guitar playing, I tend to rely on my ear, so I would like to work on the more technical aspects of playing. Thank you,
Gabe LaVine

09/22/14Jim rich

56 maple ln. Kerhonkson

09/04/14Catie Fisher

Hi Matthew,

I was given your contact information from Kelly Thompson and told that you may be of assistance to be on my wedding on 9/26, do you have that date available, I would only need you for about 30 minutes during my wedding ceremony so the timeframe would be from 4-530pm. Can you send me a direct email address, and pricing information for this when you have a quick minute? Thanks!

Catie Fisher

08/19/14Tyler Schmidt

Hi Matthew,
I was referred to you by Sean Wendell durning the Pre-College Experience at Saint Rose. I'm going into my senior year at Ballston Spa High School and I'm currently preparing for my audition for college. I was wondering if you would be available for guitar lessons?
Tyler Schmidt

07/24/14Matthew Perconti

Hello Matt,
Unsure if you remember me but you and I worked at Mohonk together. Currently I am a coordinator of Activities for an assisted living program up in Rhinebeck, NY, called "The Terraces" at Brookmeade Community. It is a small private setting of independant seniors.
I am writing you to see if I could acquire your talent to perform here at the Terraces in September. Here we are celebrating National Assisted Living month in September and the theme imusic.
I didn't see any quotes for hired shows on your site but have to admit my meager activities budget is not worth your low price but a shot in the dark is worth taking to hopefully get you to perform here for us.
My goal is possibly the second week of september 7th -13th but really any day in september would be great. solo or accompanied is your choice. I was thinking an afternoon performance anywhere from 45-60 minutes?
Looking for the usual jazz standards from the 20's-40's or anything you might want, it is up to you.
Here is the embarressing pqrt my budget is $150.
If there is anything you could do for us here at The Terraces in September please contact me,

Thank you for your time Matt and I hope to hear from you soon,

Matthew Perconti


Hey Matt,
Good to chat briefly over the weekend. I am hoping to get up to Taste on a Wednesday to catch up soon. Nice to hear all the positives about your record. See you soon


I'm interested in taking lessons. I've been playing all my life but wolud like to expand both my comping and improv skills to become more comfortable playing with others.

03/07/14Kevin Brady

I bid on and won two of your guitar lesson donations to ASK, (Arts Society of Kingston) I'm very interested in taking lessons and this would be a great way to start. I currently play drums in a classic rock cover band (for about 20yrs) but have never learned a note. It's time.


02/27/14Chris Earley

Hi Matt,

We've played a couple of gigs together at Dan Shaut's Alzheimer's benefits (I was the drummer). Anyway, I've got a couple gigs coming up if you are interested/available. Sorry to contact you through your website, but I couldn't track down your email.

The first gig I'm scrambling to put together. It's next Wednesday, March 5th, from 5-7 at Adams supermarket in Kingston for $100. I'm not sure why they want a jazz trio, but they do.

The next gig is on April 4 sometime in the early evening (time had not been determined, but finished no later than 8:00 if not earlier) at the Emerson on Rte. 28 for one hour $75.

Chris Earley

02/19/14Raul da Gama

Hope you like the review. It is here

01/10/14Matt Corsaro


Nice hearing you and Sal last night at the Stockade. Please let me know your hourly rate for lessons and when you're available. I know you mentioned Fridays. I work a day gig M-F 9-5, but could be available after work. It would probably take me 1/2 an hour or so to your place, so probably any time from 6 PM on. If necessary, I could probably leave work earlier some Friday.





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11/09/13Hans Koert - editor

Dear Matthew and Jonathan,
I'm preparing a review of your latest album It's Not That Far for the Keep (it) Swinging blog ( http://keepitswinging.blogspot.nl
Could you be so nice to send me some photos I may use in the review, which wil be published at the Keep (it) Swinging blog? Of course the photographers and/or the owner of the rights wil be credited.
Keep (it) Swinging
Hans Koert
The Netherlands



I read recently some so interesting infos about the album It's Not That Far by THE MATTHEW FINCK JONATHAN BALL PROJECT.

I’d like so much to receive a copy (perhaps also some previous albums), if and when it’s possible, to enrich so my radio program with other good music.

Hope having soon other good news.
Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

Giovanni Pietro Scazzola

Please: when you envoy CDs, take care to check on the package there’s no value, only promo purpose, so to avoid problems with Italian customs.


P.S. Please envoy the forthcoming messages directly to my address.
So I’ll receive and found them easily.


09/17/13Jennifer Ruban-Gentile / DownBeat Magazine

Your press release for 'It's Not That Far' has been serviced to DownBeat's editorial department.

Would you consider advertising within DownBeat magazine?

May I send you our media kit and rate card for your consideration? Along with regular display advertising we also offer special Indie Ad Sections which are indie budget friendly! We also offer online advertising on our website and within our monthly e-newsletter. I'm hopeful we can create an ad plan that works for you and your budget.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer Ruban-Gentile
Advertising Sales Manager
MAIN: 630-941-2030 x 114
DIRECT: 630-359-9345
DownBeat Magazine
102 N. Haven Rd.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
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09/08/13Matt Wohl


Great to meet you today--and thanks for playing with NIico, and with such attentiveness and generosity. I hope to see you again soon.

All the best,


04/20/13Eva Grunblatt

Hi, I was in the combo clinic with you today and you said to email you for the PDFs of the exercises. Thanks!

03/11/13Darrah Cloud

Matthew--Don't know if you remember me, but my daughter Emery took guitar from you at PDS years ago. Friends with Gabe Schneider as well. Do you still give lessons? If so, could you call me? 914-456-7160

12/14/12Kelly Wright

Hey, Matt! It\'s Kelly (McElree)Wright. I am now doing events at Woodstock Harley and am thinking about doing an acoustic night in January.
Since you are in the field, would you know of anyone, or would you, be interested in playing for a couple hours on a Thurs. night? The budget I was given is basically nothing so the cheaper the better.
I\'d appreciate any insights or directions.
Thanks so much!


Hey Matt..... was wondering if you give jazz guitar lessons?


09/02/12Sam Nead

Hi Matt. I'm good friends with Jon Ball - we met and played extensively together in college. He mentioed you were working on a project with him, so I stopped by your website. I love your sound. I can see why Jon wanted to work with you...he's a tough crowd!

08/06/12Miami Mo

let me know when BBJG will be playing
and/or any jazz jams in Dutchess County
from mid-June to mid-Sept every summer.

05/26/12Jonathan (Jody) Sumber - Drummer from 05/25/12 gig

Phone 914 388 4179

I enjoyed playing with you. I'm available for more gigs. I like the piece playing now on your web site and can play in that
genra also. Nice web site.

03/05/12Caleb Caming

Hey!, I'm auditioning to St. Rose March 17th and I need a little bit of direction. I want to do a delta blues version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues and Jimi Hendrix's cover of Howlin Wolf's Killing Floor. I can read music, I am president of my high school's jazz band and i'm in one other jazz band (rockland youth jazz ensemble). However, I don't want to do a NYSSMA piece. Any help/direction is greatly appreciated.

02/10/12steven golding

dear mr finck
in a few months i will be auditioning at the college of st rose to pursue a degree in music education. i would like to know if i should preform on classical or electric guitar, also what repertoire is recommended.

12/02/11jullie o'connor at almanac

dear matt -- here's a link to our almanac piece on your upcoming concert -- feel free to post!


Julie O'Connor
Editor, Alm@nac

Ulster Publishing's weekly arts, features and entertainment supplement to the 100-percent-local,
award-winning Woodstock Times, New Paltz Times, Saugerties Times and Kingston Times.
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10/22/11Diana Henderson

Hi Matt,
I'm Diana Henderson, a drummer in Poughkeepsie, NY. I met you when you were playing with the Big Bang Jazz Gang in Kingston (Robert Kopec introduced us), and I also met you when you were playing with Kitt Potter last October at the Howland Cultural Center.

I wanted to ask if you'd be available to play a gig. I'm putting together a trio or quartet for Wednesday November 2 in the evening. It will likely be 2 sets starting around 7 PM, and playing jazz standards.

The location would be Bull and Buddha in Poughkeepsie, NY.

I can follow up with more details if you are interested/available.


972-841-1238 (Cell)

10/18/11Dennis Winge

Hey Matt hope all is well; long time no speak.

If by chance you are around this Friday please consider coming to my jazz & blues jam in Kingston. (see below)



Jazz & Blues Jam session in Kingston this Friday

...October 21st, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. at the Rondout Music Lounge; 21 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401. All vocalists and instrumentalists welcome. BYO gear: there will be amplification and microphones but no keyboard or drumset.

Hosted by guitarist Dennis Winge (www.denniswinge.com) who hosted the Westchester Jazz Jam for over 4 years and who currently is the house accompanist for the "Jammin' Jazz & Blues Night" in Beacon the 2nd Wedesday of every month.

come and sing/ play!



09/17/11Peter Chernek

Hey Matt,

I was wondering if you had any openings for saxophone in The Big Bang Jazz Gang? I sat in with your trio at the Skytop Steakhouse a bunch of times and loved getting the experience to play there. I hope to hear back from you soon.



09/16/11David Lombardo

Hi Matthew,

My name is David Lombardo. I am a guitar insutrctor in Clifton Park. I have about 45 students a week. I actually attended St. Rose a few years back for Percussion!

I am interested in furthering my skills as a jazz guitarist, however. I certainly know a lot about music..BUT I think studying with someone like you would help my jazz chops, something I want to get into. Do you offer private instruction, and what do you charge? Thanks so much!


09/02/11David Smart

Prof. Finck,

Hello my name is David Smart, I am in Jazz guitar ensemble. I wanted to see about lessons and if you had any times available. Please get back to me when you can. Killer website.

David Smart

05/09/11Nick Dardaris

Dear Mr. Finck,
I signed up for secondary lessons this fall and you requested that I send you a link to some of the music I do. I have a facebook page called Nick Dardaris Music and I have a couple songs on there you can check out. I will probably suggest it to you on facebook as well. My facebook name is Scoops Dardaris so if you see a request from him, that is me.

03/18/11susan e. finck

checking out your website. Loved Creep. Could not figure out how to sign the guessbook. Love MOM

02/19/11Tom Midgley

Hey Matt,
Great seeing you at Eddie's gig. Great crowd and people were diggin' it. Eddie likes the Falcon...but had issues playing w/ Sco :-( Oh well, you know Eddie! My friend Kevin really like Adam's playing....killer drummer, fo' sure! Let me know the time/venue for your next gig. And get yer web site updated. ;-)
Yer bud,

02/15/11Barry Greene

Very cool website-See you tomorrow at 4PM-Regards, Barry

01/26/11Bryan Gierka

st rose jazz guitar ensemble student

01/10/11Danny Peters


I am a friend/customer of Chris Davis'. I am an aspiring guitar player; my main interest is Jazz and fusion. Anyways, he mentioned that you might be giving private lessons for guitar and that I should inquire. I am located in montgomery, NY right now.

Any time you could spare would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


12/17/10Paul Rogers

Your cousin Jennifer Hall gave me a copy of your CD called It'a All Good with 4 tracks on it. Can you tell me the names of the tracks? Your music is great, I really enjoy it.

11/08/10Charles Frommer

Hey Matt - Nice site! Don't have your number handy, so contacting you this way... I'm back out again - this time until May on a theater gig in Germany... so I will obviously be scarce until then. Let everyone know I'll miss the jam, will be there in spirit and look forward to returning and playing yet again.

All the best -


09/24/10Howie Brown

Hey Matt,
Had fun tonight, you always sound great. Here's my web:

Address: 321 W. Saugerties Rd, Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: (845) 246-7680

Here's some play-a-long tracks for you from my site, in case you wake up in the middle of the night with an urge to practice blues in Gb:
See you soon, Howie

09/22/10michael weisbrot

hi matt

I finally have an edit from rosendale concert...pictures- no sounds. I'll mail them to yoy as soon as I get your street address. Hope things are good for you all.

09/08/10TJ Drouin

Just contacting you about lessons, are they going to be Monday at 3:00 still? Shoot me an email when you can to let me know.

09/03/10Erik Hasler

Hey Matt,
Its Erik Hasler from The College of Saint Rose. I met with you tuesday afternoon with my other friend for lessons. On Tuesday I am free from 10-11am. Other than that i have class til 5:35. I hope we can work something out.

Thank You.

08/27/10Joe Cosgrove

Hi Matt:
I'm Joe, an engineer and drummer from Stone Ridge. I caught you at Skytop a few times and was quite impressed with you and your mates. I just opened up a studio here if you ever want to check it out. Also, do you know the name of the singer who sat in with you who is recording in Warwick? I forgot her name as she said she wanted to check out my studio.


08/20/10Shelly Dellay

I love, love, love the website. How do you sign the guest book though? I'll have to look in my old folders. I probably have more pics for you to post from past Ron Finck Memorial concerts. When I find them I'll email them to you! Love, Shelly


Hey Matt,
you know i had to check it out! how do i sign the guestbook?
PS it looks great!

08/07/10bernard greenwald

Congrats: Looks and sounds great!